Media Production

Janez Vencelj

IT support and Media Production Specialist

With more than a decade of working in computer engineering, Janez Vencelj has gained extensive experience in systems administration, computer networks, web development, web programming, server/PC builds, software, and customer IT support. His professional career started in 2002 with PC building and repair services. Later on, in 2010 he expanded his business with advanced IT support services.

Janez joined the NEXI team in 2015. In providing video editing and production services, he demonstrates a constant and high level of expertise, technical knowledge, and commitment.

Janez is a devoted family man who is very fond of his partner and children and likes to spend a lot of time with them. If he still has some free time, he spends it listening to music, playing beach volleyball or badminton, gardening or reading novels of the famous Norwegian writer Jo Nesbø.


“Life is too short to remove USB safely.”