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Legal information

At NEXI, we have designed our website with the purpose of providing general information about NEXI and its services and activities. By viewing and using this website, you confirm that you have read the terms and conditions, that you understand them, and that you agree with them and fully accept them. If you do not agree with them, please do not use these pages. We recommend that you occasionally visit our website and again check the applicable terms and conditions of use, as they are legally binding.

This legal information applies to the complete NEXI website at www.nexi.si, including the home page and all subpages.

Limitation of liability

All information and material on the NEXI website are for informative purposes only.

NEXI will make every possible effort to ensure the best possible operation of its website; however, it does not assume any liability or warranty for its undisturbed use. All users are personally responsible for the use of this website. NEXI is not liable for any damage originating from access, usage, or inability to use any information or material on the NEXI website, or for any mistake or defect in its content.

NEXI will make every possible effort to ensure the correctness, up-to-datedness, and completeness of data on these pages; however, it does not assume any liability regarding its correctness, up-to-datedness and completeness.

NEXI may modify the pages of its website at any time and without any prior notice, and does not assume any liability for the consequences of these modifications.

Limitation to personal and noncommercial use

Information and material on the NEXI website are for your personal and noncommercial use only. Any text, photograph, video, or other material published on this website may not be altered, copied, distributed, displayed, performed, reproduced, published, licensed, transferred, sold, or used for creating derivative works. Downloading and printing the information and material for noncommercial purposes of viewing and reading it is allowed.

Intellectual property and trademark protection

All rights are reserved. The information and material on the NEXI website are protected by intellectual property rights, which are owned by NEXI.

All trademarks on the website are protected, unless stated otherwise by the owner of the NEXI website. This also includes all owner’s logotypes, emblems, and slogans. Use of trademarks is only allowed with prior consent by the owner of the NEXI website.

Prohibited and illegal use

The NEXI website may not be used for illegal purposes or purposes prohibited by these terms and conditions, requirements, and notes.

You may not use the website in any manner that could damage, disable, overload, or harm NEXI or its reputation. It is strictly prohibited to use or contact this website for the purpose of hindering or damaging its contents or precautions, or to inconvenience or depreciate NEXI, its services, or personnel. It is prohibited to direct unwanted email (spam) to or via this website. It is prohibited to attempt, in any way, to obtain unauthorized access to NEXI’s computer systems by hack attacks, password extraction, or any other method.

NEXI is fully entitled to judge whether any usage is in breach of these rules, and, in case of any breach, to take action as it deems appropriate. Reduction of the system or network security may lead to civil or criminal liability.

Links to third-party sites

The NEXI website may contain links or references to third-party websites. Linked websites are not under NEXI’s control; therefore, NEXI is not liable for content on any linked website or any link on the linked website, or for any modification or update on these linked websites. When visiting or using linked web pages, the liability of NEXI is disclaimed for any case.


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Protection of privacy

NEXI is aware of the importance of personal data and the duty to protect it, and takes into account the principles of legality, fairness, proportionality, and dedicated use. Therefore, concerning personal data, NEXI acts with care and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the applicable personal data protection act. For more information, read the Privacy Statement.

Modification of the terms of use

NEXI may occasionally update the terms and conditions in accordance with modification of our services and on the basis of feedback from users. Any modification of terms and conditions will be published on this site and the date of last modification will be posted. In case of substantial modifications, we will notify you by placing a visible notice on the website.

Questions and proposals

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the terms and conditions of using the NEXI website, please submit them to us at this email address: [email protected] .

Last modification: June 2018