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Learning is one of the most important investments in any organizational initiative that is focused on human capital management, and content is the heart of learning. Without the right content, an organization’s learning initiatives get stuck. The best learning management systems or the best learning technologies can’t make up for bad or nonexistent content.

For the last decade, learning styles have undergone significant transformation, primarily driven by ubiquitous connectivity and the availability of devices with rich content and media capabilities. With the proliferation of rich, readily available online content, learning design is moving from just creation, to curation as well.

Because learning strategies are evolving at an increasingly rapid pace, managing learning content production remains a significant challenge for many organizations. Providing easily accessible and engaging content to learners is critical to an organization’s success and its ability to accelerate the growth of employee, partner, or customer competencies, and drive significant learning value.

In addition to its content quality, modern learning content must also fulfill at least the following requirements to make it valuable to invest and consume it:

  • It should be designed as highly modular, standalone learning content pieces to allow personalized, customized, and focused learning paths that eliminate redundant content.
  • It should allow learners to design their own learning pace, based on their availability and lifestyle.
  • It should ensure minimum absence from the learner’s daily job assignments and eliminate travel wherever possible.
  • It should be focused on “learning by doing,” that is, performing practice exercises rather than reading and listening to theory sessions.
  • It should be deliverable in several modalities, on any device, from the same content source.

How can NEXI help your organization learn?

NEXI works with clients to create effective learning strategies that align learning and development initiatives with the corporate goals and objectives. We specialize in critical learning content areas: content strategy and content development services for the organization’s learning and career certification programs.

Your learning content has value and must be treated as an asset. We provide the precise support you need along with a complete learning content lifecycle. Our suite of learning content services provides you with customized content development and ensures that the content and delivery mechanisms fit perfectly into your business environment.

Your knowledge is the capital.

We can help you establish its sustainable growth.

Streamline the management of your learning content lifecycle.

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