Meet our team

NEXI is a team of talented colleagues with a variety of expertise and knowledge: entrepreneurs, consultants, engineers, developers, instructors, and project managers pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with digital transformation and learning.

Petra Podbregar

Managing Director

Damjan Podbregar

Learning and Digital Transformation Strategist

Tilen Rozman

Digital Transformation Business Development Manager

Katarina Jevtić

Learning and Development Specialist

Gregor Raičević

Multimedia and Graphics Learning Designer

Andreas Szoldatics

Senior Trainer and Consultant

Robert Schaffner

Collaboration and Innovation Advisor

Michael Pohl

Leadership Trainer and Coach

Sebastjan Kocelj

Senior Trainer and Consultant

Boris Ilovar

Senior Instructor and Developer

Dušan Avbreht

Senior Consultant and Developer

Tomaž Borštnar

Senior Trainer and Consultant

Janez Trenž

Senior Trainer and Consultant

Janez Vencelj

IT support and Media Production Specialist

Sebastjan Fon

Media Production Specialist

Rebecca Condit

Professional Technical Editor and Writer

Gary Williams

Voiceover Talent