Consulting, Training & Development

Boris Ilovar

Senior Instructor and Developer

Boris is a 20-plus-year veteran of the ICT industry. He started his career as a software programmer of different industry automation systems in the late 1990s. Later he focused on design, installation, 24/7 maintenance, and troubleshooting of large service provider and enterprise networks with an additional focus on optical transmission systems.

Today, Boris is a renowned expert in optical, routing, switching, wireless, data center, and cloud technologies. He owns a number of industry-acknowledged professional-level career certifications and specializations in these technologies, including Certified Cisco System Instructor CCSI #22943 and SP-CCSI in 2001, the Cisco Instructor Excellence Award in 2017, speaker at Cisco Live! (Networkers) in 2005 and 2007, and many more.

Boris has worked with NEXI since 2007 and provides learning content design and development in optical, service provider routing and switching, wireless, data center, and cloud technologies.

Colleagues cherish Boris’s commitment to high-quality results while meeting deadlines, his creativity, and lateral thinking. Despite often stressful working conditions, he maintains his sense of humor and relaxed attitude. He is an appreciated team player, and puts the team’s interests before his own.

Boris never gets tired of spending free time with his family, while his curiosity encourages him to explore new places and meet new people. He is passionate in personal growth and maintains a dynamic healthy lifestyle. At the end of 2017, he succeeded in brewing his own American IPA craft beer in his home brewery.


“Failure is not an option.”