Digital & Strategy Advisory

Damjan Podbregar

Learning and Digital Transformation Strategist

Damjan is a 25-year veteran of the ICT and networking industry, course design, and learning content development. He is an entrepreneur and technologist; in 2006 he incorporated NEXI and since then he has been the leader of NEXI business development. His career started in the early 1990s as a software programmer; he then specialized in internet technologies, networking, and ICT-related training. Today, Damjan is a strategist and a thought leader with a track record of success in growing digital businesses and helping organizations realize the potential available to them in a world increasingly full of change. He has vast experience in delivering digital strategy, digital transformation, and cutting-edge development curricula for a range of international clients. He’s been through it all:

  • digital learning specialist with extensive experience with high-end LCMS platforms
  • learning strategies consultant, workshop and course developer, and trainer
  • expert consultant for IT, services, business, workforce, and digital learning transformation
  • project management expert in complex, long-term projects

Damjan’s colleagues see him as a challenging team manager with “jump in the water and learn to swim” techniques for new hires and new technologies. His passion for identifying new opportunities for business and personal growth is reflected in his private life as well. With his family or alone, he loves exploring new cultures, finding new places, and meeting new people.


“Nothing is that urgent that it couldn’t become more urgent tomorrow.”