Consulting, Training & Development

Dušan Avbreht

Senior Consultant and Developer

Dušan is a networking expert and an almost 30-year veteran of the computing, IT, and networking industry. He started as a programmer and assembler for Motorola processors in the late 1980s and continued as a Novell operating system engineer at the beginning of the 1990s.

His focus changed in the middle of the 1990s when he took an interest in networking technologies and migrated to the IP world. Since then he has been focused on secure LAN and WAN networking and data centers. He has extensive experience in designing, implementing, operating, managing, and troubleshooting large service provider, mobile network operator, government, and large enterprise networks.

Today, Dušan provides professional services in core, edge, aggregation, access networks, and data centers in the fields of routing, switching, and security. From 2012 he has been intensely involved in tackling lots of networking security challenges.

Through his transitions from software engineer to his current position as a senior consultant, he has gained broad knowledge and many competencies. He holds various professional-level career certifications, including Juniper JNCIP-SP.

Dušan has worked with NEXI since 2017 and provides expert-level consulting services to complex clients.

Dušan considers himself an active person in business as well as in his private life. In the past, he was very close to becoming a professional athlete; he was a competitive hammer thrower and sprint runner. Unfortunately, his sports career was prevented by injury. These days, he enjoys recreational activities such as skiing, swimming, squash, cycling, and hiking. Recently, when not enjoying sports, he can often be found on a walk with his Rhodesian ridgeback dog.


“Life is an echo. You get what you give.”