Media Production

Gregor Raičević

Multimedia and Graphics Learning Designer

Gregor has more than 10 years of experience in ICT-related environments. He started his career in computer and network device and services technical support.

Gregor joined NEXI in 2012 as a graphics designer and project manager. Since then, his major professional challenges have been in multimedia and graphics design and learning content development using professional design tools. He has extensive experience in web design and administration, and LCMS platform authoring.

Gregor provides high-end multimedia products for clients requiring digital learning modules; he creates engaging interactive teaching tools and develops other unique instructional products requiring graphic design, computer animation, visual effects, video editing, and production.

His versatile talents are also reflected in his private life. In his spare time, we can find Gregor in his home kitchen (he is a perfect cook!) or active outdoors; he loves hiking and stand-up paddle boarding.

One of Gregor’s strengths is staying focused and productive under pressure. He seems to extend this attitude outside the office, where we can find him helping the community when accidents occur. Gregor is a longtime volunteer firefighter, and spends many hours at the fire station helping people in fighting fires.


“Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.”