Digital Transformation

Business Transformation

Transform your business model and establish a new leadership paradigm to become a digitally innovative organization

Digital forces are fundamentally changing business economics. Changing consumer expectations, emerging technologies, employee engagement, and increased competition have created both challenges and opportunities. It is clear that to succeed in this disruptive environment, organizations need to offer compelling new customer experiences, establish new business models, build new expertise, and devise new ways of working.

As organizations begin their digital transformation journey, leaders may initially believe the transformation is primarily about successfully implementing new digital technologies—but it is not. Digital transformation is first and foremost about a mindset shift. Without this shift, no amount of digital technology can successfully transform a company; with this mindset shift, significant business transformation, new client value creation, and sustainable competitive advantage are possible. Leaders must change their mindset in terms of how they view employees, customers, competition, data, innovation, and value. Clearly, leaders must first change their own thinking before they can change their company’s thinking.

NEXI focuses on helping organizations do the following:

  • Rethink their business models to change the ways in which they interact with their customers, employees, and partners. We help reinvent products, customer experiences, and business models to create new value, differentiation, and revenue in the digital economy.
  • Reinvent their business and leadership to reflect the millennial mindset and its flexible, open, and inclusive approach to work. We provide training as a key element in developing skills and capabilities and creating the mindset of a digital innovator.

NEXI services for Business Transformation:

Our methodology

Our skilled and experienced digital transformation consultants can help you on your journey of change through business consulting and training that can fully support your business remodeling and leadership transformation.

Business consulting

Evaluate your business model, objectives, and expectations

Present and discuss the trends that impact your business model

Explore drivers for change and digitalization in the macroeconomic outside world

Analyze the resources and capabilities in the current organization’s business model

Propose and design possible new business models


Fundamentals of digital transformation from a leadership perspective

Cultural framework and how to impact it to create an agile and meaningful environment

Design an integrated program for changing the organization’s culture and mindset

Execute your business-specific intensive brainstorming workshops on soft and business skills to adopt a digital transformation paradigm and allow innovation

Final result

Your organization will have a business and leadership model that understands digital transformation in the context of the company’s marketplace and organization. The drivers of successful transformation are understood and the mindset and methods to start successfully implementing changes are adopted. The business model is redesigned, products are modernized, and customer experiences are enhanced to create new sources of value and drive greater efficiencies. The organization’s digital mindset is improved and competitive advantages are increased by using structured, data-driven methods.


  • We have highly skilled business consultants who effectively drive the process requirements for business transformation.
  • We have a practical methodology for bridging the gap between strategy and action. Leaders will understand how to leverage technology to create new, sustainable, competitive advantage, and deliver better products, better services, better customer experiences, and efficient business processes through digitization.
  • We help create the right mindset for digital leadership and show that you don’t have to be a technical person to lead digital transformation.
  • Although the topics of strategy, culture, innovation, communications, technology, and data may seem vast, we have honed the training content to ensure that you get the most important insights quickly.