IT Infrastructure & Services Transformation

IT Infrastructure & Services Audit

IT infrastructure is a key enabler of digital transformation. Is yours ready?

To keep pace with the competition and protect your business in the evolving digital environment, you need IT infrastructure that is digital-ready. But navigating your journey to a digital-ready IT infrastructure can be challenging without a strategy and clear roadmap to help you understand where you are, plan where you want to be, and assess the benefits of moving from stage to stage.

How we can help

NEXI reviews and analyzes your existing IT infrastructure and service offerings to identify the specific requirements for digital transformation.

IT objectives

  • Establish a future-proof networking and services strategy that ensures digital transformation readiness.
  • Reduce digital transformation execution risk and (new) technologies adoption.
  • Establish digital transformation investment requirements and optimization.

Business objectives

  • Understand the efforts, benefits, and costs of introducing and implementing a next-generation, digital-ready network.
  • Align IT and business goals.
  • Simplify the concept commitment approval process.