Digital Transformation

IT Infrastructure & Services Transformation

Transform your IT to remain competitive in the rapidly unfolding digital era—and beyond

When your business demands grow, you offer more services, serve more customers, and integrate more devices, and your IT infrastructure becomes more and more complex, inflexible, and expensive. While all of this growth is happening, your competition might already be ahead of you in their effectiveness and service offerings. Your IT infrastructure and its services must transform to support your business innovation, fulfill market needs, and stay competitive—all while reducing costs.

IT infrastructure and its services are key enablers of digital transformation. We can help you achieve IT infrastructure that supports all your digital aspirations by deploying next-generation technologies such as:

  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Unified Collaboration

Our methodology

Poorly guided, new technology integration can result in deployment delays, unforeseen costs, and quality issues or misalignment with your business strategy. Our professional services, integration expertise, and experience will help you transform your organization, regardless of the size of your transformation project.

Our four-step IT Infrastructure & Services Transformation methodology includes complete professional services: auditing and assessment, planning, design, and implementation and integration. All aspects of your modern technology deployment are supported.


Detailed assessment of existing infrastructure and services

Evaluate digital transformation readiness

Identify and define specific digital transformation requirements


Analyze the business impacts that need to be addressed

Identify and define the project business goals, objectives, and timelines, and review the strategy set to achieve these goals and objectives

Select technology vendors with current infrastructure inventory reuse elaboration

High-level design

Define digital transformation investment requirements and optimization

Define project-level roles and responsibilities to ensure desired project flow and avoid project delays or miscommunication

Support in concept and execute commit processes with stakeholders and sponsors

Define high-level workforce transformation requirements


Detailed end-to-end design of the architecture along with the functional, technical, and operational specifications and requirements, including a bill of materials and an implementation plan

Support for supplier selection and purchasing processes

Implement / Integrate

Install, integrate, commission, verify, migrate, and decommission networks and systems

Project management

Final result

Your final result will be IT infrastructure and its services that are truly digital-ready. Your network will be more agile and your time to innovation will be faster. You’ll have better security, greater operational efficiency and simplicity, improved ROI, and reduced OpEx and CapEx. In summary, you’ll have a network that can dynamically support and align with the ever-changing service requirements both within and outside the organization (customers and supply chain).


  • At NEXI, our track record, capability, and in-house knowledge help us assess and understand all your infrastructure digital transformation requirements from end to end. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of modern technologies and core network elements through to application servers and content provisioning.
  • We have extensive experience in network design and implementation projects worldwide, from planning and design to implementation, verification, and acceptance.