IT Infrastructure & Services Transformation

Software-Defined Network (SDN) Deployment

Drive business agility with a fast, intelligent network

Your existing network infrastructure is probably causing difficulties when you want to support more services, serve more customers, and integrate more devices. Your legacy IT infrastructure and networking are inflexible and complex. If you are going to stay ahead of changing market conditions and network demands, new hardware deployments and reconfiguration requests can’t take your IT team weeks or months to handle. Automating, virtualizing, and simplifying your network will help you quickly respond and adapt to changes.

How we can help

NEXI’s consulting and professional services help you plan, design, and implement a virtual, automated SDN.

IT objectives

  • Reduce network complexity.
  • Speed up application deployment and delivery.
  • Increase resource flexibility and utilization.
  • Establish a robust, secure, high-performance network.
  • Improve network management.

Business objectives

  • Reduce infrastructure costs and overhead.
  • Reduce TCO.
  • Streamline operations.