Elevate your productivity by unifying your collaboration environment

Think about your organization for a moment.

Are your employees and teams using an extensive variety of collaboration methods that are only partially controlled by security policies? This situation can become unmanageable, and in the worst case, result in information leaks.

Are your customers and partners having trouble collaborating with your workforce? If customers and partners don’t know the proper communication paths to connect with your workforce, there is a company in the marketplace that will make those paths clear.

Are your deployed collaboration platforms and systems uncontrollably increasing your licensing and endpoint purchasing costs?

Your organization’s success depends on how well you communicate. The challenge is connecting all your employees, teams, and locations with each other—and with partners and customers—for effective, productive conversations. Unified collaboration connects all these stakeholders in a single environment that improves the quality of interactions and promotes faster, more accurate decision making.

How we can help

NEXI’s consulting and professional services help you plan, (re)design, and implement various collaboration systems and platforms into a unified and centrally managed environment.

IT objectives

  • Establish unified, centrally managed collaboration and communications platforms and systems.
  • Control collaboration systems licensing.
  • Reduce internal and upstream complexity of the collaboration part of the network.

Business objectives

  • Improve the internal and external collaboration experience for employees, customers, and partners.
  • Make decisions faster and improve productivity.
  • Optimize business collaboration processes.
  • Respond more quickly to business changes.