Learning Transformation

LCMS Platform Transformation

Get an LCMS platform that will cover your future digital learning needs

Managing learning content in large organizations, where training departments are typically tasked with providing hundreds of hours of training content to several thousand employees or customers each year, is a complex and challenging task. Different departments often use different LCMS platforms, some of which are not even capable of delivering digital content, are at different locations and servers, or are in the cloud. Specific learning content is difficult to find, and tracking content updates is almost impossible. This mass of different systems, standards, and formats is definitely not a digital-ready environment.

The appropriate LCMS for your organization can bring tangible benefits—for the organization, via improved productivity and efficiency, and elimination of production silos; for learning and development professionals who are in charge of the whole process; and for individual workers and learners. For training to be engaging, efficient, scalable, and effective, you have to centralize the creation and management of learning content in a unified LCMS platform that serves the entire organization.

How we can help

NEXI can help you unify your LCMS platforms by remodeling the existing one or introducing and implementing a new LCMS platform. We assess and analyze your existing LCMS platforms, suggest improvements, and ultimately remodel the existing LCMS platform or introduce and implement an entirely new one that serves your needs now and in the future. We also ensure that all your existing learning content is properly integrated into the new LCMS environment and ensure that your learning content development personnel are properly trained to use the new LCMS.

Learning and development objectives

  • Establish a single, scalable LCMS platform that is managed and maintained at a known location using known processes.
  • Simplify and accelerate learning content updates.
  • Integrate new learning content seamlessly.
  • Improve learning content developer productivity and efficiency.
  • Establish a standard framework that produces a homogeneous approach and a standardized look-and-feel of learning materials.
  • Improve the agility and impact of learning content development teams.
  • Reduce learning content development costs.

Business objectives

  • Significantly reduce efforts and OpEx in operating and maintaining learning content.
  • Unify corporate-wide learning content development standards.