Digital Transformation

Learning Transformation

Ensure that your organization is ready for tomorrow's digital learning challenges

In traditional corporate training, passive learning was the standard, and consisted largely of sitting in a classroom and consuming prepared content presented formally by an instructor. In digital training, knowledge is pervasive, instantly searchable, consumable on demand, and is continuously updated. Today, learners can access learning content simply by having a computer or a smart mobile device and access to the internet. When and where individuals learn is no longer tied to a particular time or place. Online learning, including short, effective videos and lab exercises, can be accomplished anywhere and anytime—even during a well-deserved coffee break.

The digital revolution is changing the way people work and learn. To meet these changing needs, organizations must provide a contemporary learning platform and highly targeted training programs, while encouraging social interactions among employees. In this way, organizations can build a continuous and engaging learning experience that will result in stronger relationships and great success.

NEXI can help your organization change its approach to learning as part of your digital transformation. We leverage the power of digital platforms to deliver tailor-made training directly to employees, customers, and partners, and provide a quick, cost-effective, scalable, and altogether more engaging solution.

NEXI services for Learning Transformation:

Our methodology

We help training departments systematically build a modern learning environment in the organization—from the most appropriate learning platform with advanced training technology to customized interactive learning content and training programs for different organizational needs. With extensive experience and proven success in managing several digital learning and performance engagements across industries, our digital transformation consultants combine digital and physical learning modalities to ensure a unified organizational approach and augmented performance across teams.

We offer a wide range of services to help your organization successfully transform learning into an interactive digital experience. We can help you analyze your corporate needs, define a new-age digital learning strategy, implement the most suitable Learning Content Management System (LCMS), and convert and integrate your existing learning content in the chosen LCMS. An efficient digital LCMS makes developing learning materials much easier and serves as a searchable repository of your organization’s training materials history. If this description doesn’t sound like your organization’s LCMS, we can help.


Assess and analyze the existing LCMS platforms

Define or optimize learning content development standards

Assess the organization’s learning needs, determine the current levels of performance, and evaluate the knowledge base

Conduct extensive interviews with training personnel and review the existing learning content and documentation

Design your digital learning strategy

Instructional design

Design blends the art, logic, and content of the training, and results in a well-balanced, highly interactive training program

Introduce single-source methodologies for all delivery modalities

Implement and evaluate

Design blends the art, logic, and content of the training, and results in a well-balanced, highly interactive training program

Introduce single-source methodologies for all delivery modalities

Final result

Your organization will have an enhanced organizational learning environment that uses digital technologies and methods. Organizational learning is more measurable, developable, scalable, student-centric, and goal-oriented. Deciding when and where individuals learn is no longer a time- or place-dependent activity. You will have an efficient LCMS that revolutionizes the way you collaboratively create new content and transform existing content.


  • We have decades of experience and a large pool of transformation professionals:
    • Consultants in learning content management who work with customers using highly advanced enterprise-level and standard Open Source LCMS platforms
    • Instructional designers and consultants in learning content design, development, and management, who consult with customers in defining their learning content standards
    • Instructional designers and experts in co-designing and developing internal and external career certification and specialization paths for large global corporations
    • Instructional designers, learning content developers, and technical writers who are proficient in many technologies, familiar with numerous product vendors, and perform business and account management training
    • Experts in course content postproduction activities who prepare learning content for production
  • We combine the learning content creation and development process with creative professionals and technologies to deliver unique learning designs.
  • We use state-of-the-art development models and tools that significantly accelerate the development process, and robust project management to keep things on track with you and your project team.