Learning Transformation

Learning Content Transformation

Achieve organized and standardized next-generation digital learning content

Today, many organizations must face the fact that the learning strategies and multimedia elements once used are now outdated and ineffective in meeting modern learning requirements. Developers have used their own ideas and formats in developing learning content, which has created a plethora of learning materials, created in several different formats, without a unified structure, without corporate style compliance, and with no corporate-level learning content standards in place. To enhance learning effectiveness and deliver learning seamlessly across modern digital platforms (e.g., mobile, web browsers), organizations should transform their learning content to match their current industry standards.

How we can help

NEXI can help you standardize your legacy training materials and transform those materials to a digital format. We help you define corporate-level learning content standards, unify your corporate formats, and standardize the look-and-feel of your training materials, especially for customer-facing learning content. We design the learning content structure, transform the existing learning content to comply with the newly defined standards, and deploy it on the selected LCMS platform. Finally, we train all developers and instructional designers on these new standards so the learning content they develop in the future complies with your corporate vision.

Learning and development objectives

  • Develop learning content that is compatible with modern standards and platforms, and is enabled for mobile and multidevice learning.
  • Improve the learning experience for users.
  • Simplify and accelerate learning content updates.
  • Improve learning content developer productivity and efficiency.
  • Establish a standard framework that produces a homogeneous approach and standardized look-and-feel of learning materials.
  • Improve the agility and impact of learning content development teams.
  • Reduce learning content and development costs.

Business objectives

  • Unify corporate-level presentation of learning content within the company and with external customers and vendors.
  • Simplify content updates so they can be done quickly and cost-efficiently.