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Streamline the management of your learning content lifecycle

Many organizations are confronted with constantly outdated internal and customer-facing learning content. Their content maintenance process cannot support the evolution of their products, solutions, and services on time. Business-critical content creation projects are delayed and exceed budgets, resulting in lost revenue opportunities. Moreover, when organizations outsource learning services to external vendors, each vendor implements its own approach to content structure, design, development, delivery, and maintenance. None of these approaches ensures sufficient quality of continuously updated learning content and the content maintenance costs are increasing. A standardized and efficient process for updating learning content is needed.

NEXI helps organizations solve learning content challenges by managing the complete content lifecycle—from content creation and rollout, to its retirement. For many organizations, this is a tedious but important task that ensures they are offering fresh, reliable, and relevant training.

Our methodology

NEXI’s suite of Learning Content Services is the one-stop shop for all of your organization’s content needs. As an extension of your learning team, we help you refresh the existing learning content and create new learning content. We redefine your learning content strategy to introduce modern learning content maintenance methodologies that ensure faster time to market and up-to-date learning content. Our expertise covers the entire learning-content industry, including knowing the most cost-effective way for your organization to create new content in-house, order customized content, or buy prepared content off the shelf.

Our learning content portfolio includes a proven process that breaks the entire learning content lifecycle into six phases, with a series of activities corresponding to each phase. Our learning content and career certification program lifecycle services cover all development phases, from needs assessment, through design, to development and retuning after evaluation.


Analyze training needs

Analyze audience competencies and requirements, and identify knowledge gaps

Define learning paths and career certification needs

Define career certification programs with related exams and supporting learning content

Define product-, technology-, solution-, and job-role-related learning content

Select learning mode

Instructional design

Define the skills and high-level objectives that are required for certain learning content

Design learning content structure and associated certifications

Prepare a design document as a blueprint for the next phase of development


Create a storyboard

Develop content based on the design documents

Produce content in different forms (video, web application, presentations, game-based, podcasts, case references, classroom-based instruction) and integrate it into a learning program on a selected LCMS platform

Localize and translate

Integrate and test learning content


Train-the-trainer sessions

Alpha/beta deliveries

Deliver learning content in the form of instructor-led courses or workshops using in-classroom delivery, online delivery via different

online meeting systems, or a hybrid classroom as a mix of both

Implement feedback frameworks and a review mechanism for training program evaluation

Collect course content and delivery quality feedback to help identify areas for improvement


Test learners

Analyze learners and learning report

Assess learners on a continuum toward career certifications and specializations


Monitor delivery and exam feedback

Update learning content and exams

Modify content, integrate updates, and propagate changes

Final result

Your organization has a fully scalable learning content lifecycle that defines and implements a unified learning content strategy that ensures up-to-date, manageable learning content with consistent quality and delivery.


  • NEXI has decades of experience and a large pool of professionals:
    • Consultants in learning content management who work with customers using highly advanced enterprise-level and standard Open Source LCMS platforms
    • Instructional designers and consultants in learning content design, development, and management, who consult with customers in defining their learning content standards
    • Instructional designers and experts in co-designing and developing internal and external career certification and specialization paths for large global corporations
    • Instructional designers, learning content developers, and technical writers who are Experts in course content postproduction activities who prepare learning content for production
    • Highly skilled and vendor-certified instructors in a wide range of technologies and products, and in account management, business competencies, and other soft skills
  • We integrate the best instructional design principles with modern design aesthetics and techniques to ensure that your content best serves your learner’s needs.
  • We help you assess your current learning and development process maturity and define strategies to reach your organization’s learning and performance goals.
  • We help you personalize the learning experience to improve learners’ performance and help them develop new skills and competencies that they might require on the job.
  • We free your staff to focus on strategic learning initiatives and other priorities while getting effective, up-to-date learning content.
  • With a client list that covers some of the world’s largest organizations, our learning content services can be adapted to meet the language requirements, cultural differences, and learning levels of a global workforce. Combined with our ability to deploy across multiple platforms and devices, learners can access knowledge at a time and place that is convenient for them.