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Career Certification Program Development

Drive competitive advantage and competence development through career certification programs

In large organizations, people from around the globe often have very different skill sets and backgrounds. In this dispersed environment, it is imperative that learning and development are strategically aligned with business goals to ensure consistency across the business. One of the most effective ways to address a knowledge or skill gap is through an internal and organization-specific career certification program. Via this program, an organization strategically and thoughtfully develops its talent in alignment with organizational goals and performance.

Moreover, particularly in the global business environment, organizations must ensure that retailers, channel partners, and customers are also continually developing their skills and expertise, and therefore the organization’s brand and consistent customer experience. Career certification programs offer customers and partners the ability to earn credentials to demonstrate their expertise.

How we can help

Nexi helps you create or strategically modify your career certification and specialization programs and develop supporting exams and learning content. First, we review your product lines and services, and identify the knowledge levels required to manage those products. We analyze job tasks to identify the required skills and competencies and then design and develop career certification paths and the associated exams and corresponding learning content that enable students to pass those exams.

Learning and development objectives

  • Develop a reliable, valid, and fair method of assessing skills and knowledge.
  • Create up-to-date learning content that enables user competencies in designing, deploying, troubleshooting, and selling products, services, and solutions.
  • Enable continuous and systematic competence and personal development of individuals, throughout their career.

Business objectives

  • Improve job performance.
  • Maintain staff motivation and commitment to the company.
  • Improve customer and partner trust in your company.
  • Build brand awareness.
  • Build authority and thought leadership.