Learning Content Services

Learning Content Development

Obtain ready-to-use digital learning content for your specific learning needs

You already know how important it is to invest in developing the knowledge and skills of your workforce, partners, and customers, but for that investment to pay off, you need to have the right content and curriculum in place. Although corporate learning is undergoing a digital transformation, students (and their managers) expect learning to be highly interactive, directly relevant to their individual roles, and accessible on demand via multiple devices. You might also realize that the learning content you need to improve your workforce, partner, and customer competencies and knowledge (and to get some of them certified), is not easily available or doesn’t exist at all. You need customized content that is developed to fit your distinct culture, your budget, and your timeframe, and designed to deliver true impact for your specific business goals and objectives.

How we can help

NEXI helps you develop customized learning content. We define the skills and high-level objectives that are required for certain learning courses and design the course and curriculum structure with detailed objectives for all course elements. Finally, we design and develop learning content and test it in your environment.

Learning and development objectives

  • Create high-quality learning content that is ready for production.
  • Obtain the knowledge and competencies that exactly fulfill your specific organization’s needs.
  • Integrate the best instructional design principles with modern design aesthetics and techniques to ensure that your content best serves your learner’s needs.
  • Develop meaningful and motivational learning content that is learner-centered and visually rich to attract learners to the training material and provide a personalized learning experience.
  • Use dynamic design, job-relevant storylines, and great narratives to capture learners’ attention and engagement.

Business objectives

  • Achieve the most efficient learning outcome by a training program that gives you, your partners, and customers a competitive advantage and delivers a big payoff compared to the investment.
  • Easily achieve the organization’s business goals by developing its people.
  • Craft learning content to precisely adhere to your brand and style guidelines.