Digital Transformation

Workforce Transformation

Developing people and culture to support your digital transformation

To build an organization fit for the digital future, your human resources need new skills and a new culture. In fact, your workforce is the critical success factor of your digital transformation! Although technology and processes can be changed and updated with relative ease, the main assets of an organization—its people—take time, dedication, and leadership to transform.

In the past, “digital” meant “IT,” but today, a company’s digital strategy practically drives the roadmap and goals of many departments, from IT and Sales to R&D and Marketing. All of them need relevant skills if you are to identify new opportunities that will help your company become a leader in the digital age!

By considering both your organizational structure and individual people, and through a deep understanding of the evolving nature of future workforce management, our workforce transformation services help you deliver the strategy, skills, and behaviors that your organization needs to take on, and win, tomorrow.

Our methodology

We can help you develop a workforce digital transformation program that systematically identifies and closes skills gaps in all your business-critical departments. Our approach covers all the phases of workforce development: from needs assessment and knowledge gap analysis through curriculum (learning and certification paths) planning, learning content development, and training and certification services. A systematic multistep approach to workforce development ensures a training program that is tailored to your needs and helps maximize business impact.

Needs assesment

Detailed assessment of existing infrastructure and services

Evaluate digital transformation readiness

Identify and define specific digital transformation requirements

Knowledge gap analysis

Identify gaps between existing and required workforce competency levels, capabilities, knowledge, skills, and aptitude


  • business and performance gap analysis
  • future tasks and job roles analysis
  • skills and competency gap analysis

Learning & certification paths

Detailed, step-by-step guide for the workforce transformation process and associated activities

Learning strategy design:

  • design the learning process
  • plan the learning process and learning technologies to be used
  • plan resources and budget
  • plan performance measurements and evaluations

Design an entirely customized learning program that addresses specific job roles and competency levels to address knowledge and skills gaps

Outline job-specific learning objectives and measures for success

Recommend a workforce transformation strategy that is based on industry best practices and marketplace standards

Learning content design and development

Collect the existing off-the-shelf learning content and develop the required missing custom learning content


Execute and manage the learning program

Coordinate with identified existing learning content providers for customized, customer-specific bundled learning packages

Coordinate with outsourced training organizations where needed

Manage learning program registration and enrollment

Instructor sourcing

Order and ship student learning materials

Training delivery management and communication

Classroom setup and coordination

Delivery evaluation services


Implement an internal centralized workforce career certification program including plan and design

Design and develop certification assessment tests

Prepare and execute certification exams on a selected survey platform

Final result

Your organization will have a trained and developed workforce to build and sustain competitive advantage in the digital future including an adaptive ecosystem of right-skilled, self-managing employees and partners with an adopted digital mindset and skills applied intelligently to your specific business. The result is a future-ready workforce primed to deliver value at every stage of your digital transformation journey.


  • Our experts can support you through every stage of the workforce transformation process from identifying your needs to implementing a customized training solution.
  • From real-time virtual classes and on-site private group training and workshops to personal interviews, we can provide a variety of classes, courses, and other learning options in the delivery format that fits your needs and schedule.
  • We have traditions and expertise in several worlds—the training industry, IT, communications, and business. Our consultants are engineers, instructors, and developers with technical and business expertise, field experience, and instructional mastery.